About Tiffany

Hi, my name is Tiffany.  I have a Ph.D. in medical physics and spend my days doing research on brain tumors and improving cancer treatments.  While I love contributing to medical advancements, I also have a deep passion for cooking, baking, and food in general.  I enjoy experimenting with new recipes at home, and my husband certainly doesn’t seem to mind!  Often I try out my goodies by taking treats to work, and so far my coworkers haven’t complained about being my taste testers.  I hope I can share some of my recipe creations and cooking tips with you.  I’d like to think of this blog as my way of expressing my inner domestic goddess.


5 responses to “About Tiffany

  1. brigitte

    hey this blog is a great idea!!!..and please continue to treat us like your taste testers 🙂

    take care

  2. Jen

    Wow! Tiff, you are a professional! I can’t wait to make the cupcakes.

  3. Dr. James Phillips

    Wow this is great keep it up.

    best Dr. James Phillips md.

  4. Grandpa Bud

    You are without a dought a very giving person and I am so very proud of you and your generosity to always help other people. Keep up the good work

  5. Michele

    Tiffany, I am a friend of your Grandparents, Donna and Bud and I have Breast Cancer or had I should say.
    They turn me on to your site and I love the info and food ideas. I am one of those who has a hard time with treatment, and finding food and beverages is hard when everything smell terrible.
    Thank you for your ideas and for the work you do.
    Michele Shoemaker

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